Best places to take photos in Nashville

Senior year… it’s finally HERE! The final hurrah before entering the world of adulting, with bills to pay and questionable fashion choices to make. But fear not; the quest to find the perfect senior photo spots in Nashville is here, and ready to add some much-needed excitement to your impending adulthood. Whether you’re a soon-to-be […]

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August 28, 2023

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Senior year… it’s finally HERE! The final hurrah before entering the world of adulting, with bills to pay and questionable fashion choices to make. But fear not; the quest to find the perfect senior photo spots in Nashville is here, and ready to add some much-needed excitement to your impending adulthood. Whether you’re a soon-to-be graduate or simply looking for some Instagram-worthy shots, Nashville has you covered. Here are some of the best places to take photos in Nashville, capturing those unforgettable senior pictures. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Here are some of the best places to take photos in Nashville:


Downtown Nashville:

The urban landscape, colorful murals, and cityscape, combine to create unique and dynamic senior pictures. Furthermore, areas around Broadway and Printer’s Alley can offer vibrant backgrounds. Be mindful of the tall buildings as alleyways will be darker, meaning you’ll need to schedule your session earlier than you think. Check with your photographer to see what time they suggest.

The Pedestrian Bridge: Want an excellent backdrop of the Nashville skyline? Then look no further than the Pedestrian Bridge.With its one-of-a-kind location, don’t miss the opportunity to have the skyline captured in your senior photos. Additionally, as you make your way downtown, consider parking along the Cumberland River on the Stadium side. Double-check with your photographer in case there is construction or an event like a football game.

Cumberland Park/East Bank Greenway: While you’re at the bridge, scoot on over to Cumberland Park. Walkways, greenery and a ground-up view of the bridge make for some amazing shots!

Shelby Bottoms Greenway: If you’re looking for a more natural and relaxed setting, this greenway along the Cumberland River offers walking paths, bridges, and lovely scenery.

Cornelia Fort Airpark at Shelby Bottoms: The now abandoned airport named after Cornelia Fort, a pioneering female aviator, stand on a once active runway, for a completely different senior vibe.

Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park: This park features historical markers, a beautiful view of the State Capitol, and the World War II Memorial, which can add a patriotic touch to your pictures.

Centennial Park: The iconic Parthenon replica and beautiful gardens make this park a popular choice for senior portraits. The architecture and greenery provide a variety of settings. Because the park is so large, you could spend your entire session there! Walkways, giant sand-colored columns, flower gardens, ponds, weeping willow trees, and more! It’s a popular place for seniors visiting from out of town to schedule a session there! be sure to look at a Nashville event calendar as they have festivals in the summer.

The Gulch: Known for its trendy and modern atmosphere, The Gulch offers contemporary architecture, colorful murals like the famous “What Lifts You” wings mural, and a unique vibe. Plan ahead for parking, as this area can be pretty congested, especially during the summer or when there’s a concert in town.

Radnor Lake State Park: For a serene and natural backdrop, Radnor Lake offers tranquil waters, hiking trails, and the chance to capture senior pictures within nature. Make sure you do NOT get off the trails. The flora and fauna at Radnor is incredibly fragile, and the Park Rangers will DEFINITELY let you know (they will yell at you!)

Belmont University: The beautiful campus of Belmont University features historic buildings, lush greenery, and classic architecture. If you like light buildings with large, white columns, this is the place to be!

Cheekwood Estate & Gardens: This botanical garden and art museum offers stunning landscapes, sculptures, and seasonal blooms that can enhance your senior portraits. There is a fee for photo sessions. Check with your photographer, and know that they only allow certain days/times due to events and weddings.

Love Circle: This vantage point provides a panoramic view of the Nashville skyline, offering a scenic backdrop for your senior pictures. Parking can be tricky as this is in a residential area.

East Nashville Murals: If you’re interested in vibrant and artsy shots, explore the East Nashville neighborhood, known for its colorful murals that can provide a fun and dynamic backdrop.

12 South: Filled with cute boutique shops, murals, coffee houses and the famous Jeni’s Ice Cream and Five Daughter’s doughnuts, there is a little bit of everything. Make sure you have some images taken in front of the infamous I Believe in Nashville mural, or the blue & white stripes at Draper James. 12 South gets CROWDED in the summer with bachelor parties a-plenty! Parking can be tricky, so you may need to hit this location earlier in the day.

Sevier Park: Just blocks from 12 South, is Sevier Park. With tall trees and walking paths, it’s a great spot to head to after you’ve had your fill of the shops and murals…AND you’ve had some Jeni’s ice cream!

Fannie Mae Dees Park (Dragon Park): It may be a playground, but it’s definitely unique to the city. This large mosaic dragon photographs perfectly with all the unique colors. Because it is a park, you will see lots of families there, and getting a shot of the entire dragon, may be a bit tricky.

Printer’s Alley: A hot spot for tourists and neon signs, if you want an alleyway in your images, Printer’s Alley is your go-to!

Union Station Hotel: Check out this 1900’s train station, turned luxury hotel! The lobby is an absolute STUNNER! With its curved ceiling and Gilded Age charm, this hotel will take you back to a bygone era.

The Bobby Hotel: The Bobby has a rooftop that is funky and fun! Head up there to check out views of the city!

The Noelle Hotel: Built in 1930, The Noelle oozes old-world sophistication with an updated Great Gatsby feel. With its sheik lobby, large circle-top windows, and velvet couches, this is THE hotel to check out if you are looking for a luxury, high-end vibe. And just around the corner from The Noelle is Printer’s Alley.

Wall Crawl Carnival: Nashville’s mural game is on point, and there’s a wall for every vibe. From angel wings that’ll make you look heaven-sent to vibrant geometric patterns that make you feel like you’ve walked into a kaleidoscope, these murals are practically begging for a photo shoot. Pro tip: Try not to blend in with the art; you’re not an undercover chameleon. Click HERE for the list of Nashville murals to check out!

Central Ave. Make your way here in April for the Cherry Blossom Trees, but be warned; they’re only vibrant about 20 days.

Ellington Agricultural Center: From tall trees, and fences, white columns, and brick buildings, this location has a bit of everything, and it is not far from Interstate 65.

High school senior in a maroon dress, kneeling in a creek at Ellington Agricultural Center, Nashville, TN. Neely Roberts Photography
High school senior leaning on fence at Ellington Agricultural Center, Nashville Tennessee
High school senior girl taking photos on the Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville, TN.
Central Ave. in Nashville Tennessee featuring a high school senior within the cherry blossom trees.

Make sure to scout these locations beforehand and consider the time of day and lighting conditions that will best suit your photoshoot. What looks great at 10:00 a.m. may be in full sun at 5:00 p.m. Traveling from out of town? Chat with your photographer about the best times to arrive at each location, the entrance fee, if any, and what other buildings might be blocking any light.

Looking to head outside of Nashville? Well, keep reading to find out MORE locations just outside the city limits.


  1. Franklin Bridge Golf Club: With its rolling hills, tall trees, and light colored pathways, this is a quiet spot to have your images captured.
  2. The Square: With its quaint and cozy vibe that’s reminiscent of a Hallmark movie (you MUST check it out at Christmas!), the square in Franklin becomes a perfect location for capturing vintage buildings, wrought iron railings, unique doorways, and white walls.
  3. The Park at Harlinsdale Farm: With its vast fields, long white fences, trees, and a pond, this is the perfect spot to capture those images if you are looking for a more rustic vibe. And a big bonus? It’s FREE to shoot here!
  4. Arrington Vineyards: A bit outside Franklin off of Hwy 840, this picturesque vineyard provides a rustic and charming backdrop, especially during the blooming season. Please be mindful of the grapes and always call ahead to make sure there is not a private event taking place
Various high school senior girl photos taken at the Franklin, TN square
Various high school senior girl photos taken at the Park at Harlinsdale Farms in Franklin, TN square

Mt. Juliet/Lebanon

  1. The Square: The square in Lebanon has cute shops, colorful doors and unique murals. Duck into an alleyway for an edgy, urban vibe.
  2. Cedars of Lebanon State Park: With its hundreds and hundreds of cedar trees, this is an ideal location if you want lots of greenery in your images. Additionally, did you know that the park also houses a cave?
  3. Long Hunter State Park: Check out this park and its large boulders along the water’s edge. Furthermore, this becomes a perfect location in the fall, as the colored leaves look spectacular against the water.
  4. Don Fox Park: Get your fill of water and trees with this gorgeous spot!
  5. Charlie Daniels Mural: Located near thge police station, this mural is great for any country music fan!
Various high school senior girl photos taken in and around the Lebanon TN square.


  1. Murals: From the large pink stripes to the American Flag, head over to the square in Murfreesboro, where you’ll find some fun murals.
  2. The Square: The square in Murfreesboro features the library, churches with columns, and most notably, the Rutherford County Courthouse.. You’ll find plenty of photo ops there!
  3. The Fountains at Gateway: From fields, a wooden fence, a bridge, and trees sprinkled throughout, you’d never know you were in the middle of a city when you’re at The Fountains.
  4. Stones River National Battlefield: With its vast open fields, wooden fence line, and large boulders, the battlefield is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a historical location.
  5. Barfield Crescent Park: Although a bit smaller, this park offers trees, walking trails, and a gathering of boulders for those awesome sitting shots!
High school senior girls pictures on the Murfreesboro, TN square.
High school senior girls having their pictures taken in the Fall, at The Fountains at Gateway in Murfreesboro, TN


  1. Hendersonville Public Library/Greenway: Head over to the Hendersonville Public Library, where you’ll find the greenway adorned with curved pathways and large trees. Additonally, as you keep walking, you’ll make your way under an overpass, providing an excellent opportunity for capturing urban images
  2. Station Camp Greenway: With its winding creek, open fields, and walkways, this location is a MUST for those who want their session to be filled with nature!


  1. Cragfont:
    This historical building boasts a rose garden, brick pathways, an ivy archway, and open fields. Consequently, these features provide ample variety for your senior photos.
  2. Gallatin Square: The square has a new courthouse with large white columns and wide steps, which are just perfect for having those senior pictures captured! Additionally, bring your pup and enjoy the cute shops along with the wrought iron benches.
Nashville high school senior girl having senior pictures taken on the Gallatin, TN square.

If you are wanting your senior pictures taken in various locations in and around Nashville, Tennessee, be sure to take a look at this chart to see the *travel time between locations.

*Average flow of traffic. Does not account for road closures and/or construction.

Distance and travel time chart between photo locations in Nashville, TN

In addition to lighting conditions and the style you’re aiming for when choosing your location, remember to consider the time of day. Each of these spots can offer a different vibe to your senior pictures, therefore, pick the one that resonates the most with your personality and vision. Make sure to check for any relevant permits or restrictions when considering photography in both public and private locations. Above all, be respectful of any rules or guidelines to ensure a positive experience for yourself and others visiting these spots. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to scout these locations beforehand and also consider the time of day and lighting conditions that will best suit your photoshoot.

In conclusion, Nashville offers a blend of musical heritage, diverse landscapes, and urban-rural harmony that makes it an ideal backdrop for your senior pictures. Additionally, the city’s unique charm will infuse your portraits with a distinct vibrancy, allowing you to remember not only the final year of high school but also the adventure of capturing those moments in Music City. Also, grab your cap and gown, flash your biggest smile, and let Nashville’s magic weave into your senior pictures, as you create lasting memories that resonate for years to come. Whatever location you choose, rest assured that you’ll have the BEST time, and on top of that, you’ll cherish these memories for a lifetime!

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