The Best Murals in Nashville

Where to capture the perfect backdrop for your Nashville photos. Nashville is such a FUN city and it is full of vibrant murals. There are so many murals spread out throughout Nashville’s neighborhoods. New ones pop up every year! But before you get in front of a mural that vibes with your personality, take note […]

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August 29, 2023

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Where to capture the perfect backdrop for your Nashville photos.

Nashville is such a FUN city and it is full of vibrant murals. There are so many murals spread out throughout Nashville’s neighborhoods. New ones pop up every year! But before you get in front of a mural that vibes with your personality, take note of its location. Unfortunately, some have parking spaces in front and so you may have cars parked there, blocking your view.

The Best Murals in Nashville by neighborhood:

12 South Neighborhood

  1. I Believe in Nashville: With three locations, this mural is quintessentially Nashville! With its mix of the TN Tri-Star, and red, white and blue, it is a must see for anyone visiting the state. The 12 South location can get pretty crowded, so you may want to head over to one of the others; located at 1402 Clinton St, which is next to Marathon Music Works, or you can make your way to 917 Woodland St.
  2. Draper James: Located in the 12 South neighborhood, the iconic Draper James blue & white stripes are perfect for those sophisticated shots!
  3. Make Music Not War: If you’re already in the 12 South area, make your way to this musical mural. You can find it at 2902 12th Ave S.
  4. Heart Donuts: While you’re grabbing doughnuts at Five Daughters, sneak over to the donut mural & take a “bite”. 1110 Caruthers Ave.
  5. Nashville Looks Good on You: You don’t want to miss this one! Find it at 2511 12th Ave S. behind the MODA boutique.
  6. Looking Pretty, Music City: Another popular mural in the 12 S. neighborhood, check it out at 2709 12th Ave. South.
  7. Flowers: This mural is always popular! Bring some flowers of your own and strike a pose.
  8. Gnash: Nashville hockey fans, you don’t want to miss this! The Nashville Predators mural is located on the side of White Bison convenient store. 2607 12th Ave S.
  9. Hey Y’all: Find this mural inside Stoney Clover Ln. 2707 12th Avenue South
  10. Astronaut: For all you space fans, float away with the astronaut at 1206 Dallas Ave.
  11. Bussin’ Around Nashville: Find this retro VW bus adorned with all the Nashville neighborhoods. You can spot it here. 2405 12th Ave, Nashville, TN 37204
  12. Bottoms Up Nashville: Find this colorful mural on the side of Bottle Cap at 2403 12th Ave S.
I Believe in Nashville mural
I heart donuts mural
Draper James Blue Striper mural
Bussin around Nashville mural
Nashville Looks Good on You mural
Looking Pretty Music City mural
Nashville Predators mascot Gnash mural
Astronaut mural
Bottoms Up Nashville mural

East Nashville

  1. Flower Balm Mural: Make your way to East Nashville for this mouth full of flowers mural at 2909 Gallatin Pike B.
  2. East Nashville Mural: This mural is exactly what is says, East Nashville. It’s located at 600 Main Street.
  3. What Lifts You-Air Balloon: Find this across the street from Walgreens, At 1034 West Eastland Avenue, this hot air balloon mural has a real basket that you can hop into, bringing your image to life! Be mindful that it is tucked away in an alleyway, and there is no parking.
  4. Young Warlords: Located in East Nashville at 1106 Gallatin Pike, this mural is for the innovators and tech gurus! Pictured on the mural are the 80’s versions of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, respectively with their different operating systems…and a little throwback to the Oregon Trail to boot!
East Nashville mural
What Lifts You hot air balloon mural

The Gulch

  1. Candy Hearts: Just like the ones you’d get when you were in middle school. However, they don’t leave a chalky taste in your mouth. Feel the love in The Gulch at 601 8th Avenue South.
  2. Wings/What Lifts You Up: The most iconic mural in Nashville (besides the I Believe in Nashville) is the tall, lace wings. Located at 302 11th Ave. S. these wings have THOUSANDS of tags on Instagram.
  3. Hear This Nashville: This colorful mural can be found at 901 Gleaves St.
  4. What Lifts You Rainbow: Stand under this colorful mural with lots of space to bring your friends!
  5. Riding: Who doesn’t remember riding along on the tricycle when they were little? This fun mural is found behind a parking garage at 500 11th Avenue North.
  6. Musicians Tunnel: Right across the street from Riding, is the Musicians Tunnel, located in the Gulch Greenway. Find this at Frankie Pierce Plaza/The Gulch Greenway.
  7. Love Your Point of View/Bubbles at Capitol View: Just around the corner from the Rainbow Mural, you’ll find this mural. Bring some bubbles and reenact the scene. It’s located at 406 11th Ave. N.
What Lifts You lace wings mural
What Lifts You rainbow mural
Musicians Tunnel Mural
Bubbles at Capitol View mural

The Nations

  1. It’s Going to be OK: Sweet and to the point! Find this mural in The Nations at 3020 Charlotte Avenue.
  2. Spread Love It’s the Nashville Way: Make your way to Marathon Village at 1404 51st Ave to grab a shot with this simple but cheerful mural.
  3. The Kind Way: Check out the state of Tennessee with flowers surrounding it at 1120 4th Ave N. It’s in the Germantown neighborhood.
  4. Instagram Like: Want someone on Instagram to like your picture with an Instagram like? If you are already in Germantown, you can find this fun mural at 1120 4th Ave N.


  1. Hey There Pumpkin: This mural is super cute for all your fall selfies! Find it at 5th & Broadway near Sephora and State & Liberty.
  2. Nashville: You can’t miss the large wall mural on the Blue Sushi & Sake Grill building at 5th & Broadway. And while you’re there, you must grab a bite! Their food is AMAZING!

21st.Ave/Belcourt/Hillsboro Village

  1. Drippy Lips: Put on your favorite shade of lipstick & flash your best smile in front of the Drippy Lips Mural. See it at 1814 21st Ave.
  2. Dragon Mural: If you are near Belcourt, you must see the Dragon Mural at 2102 Belcourt.
  3. Horse: Find this at 2102 Belcourt Ave. across the street from the dragon mural.
Red lips that lipstick is dripping off of them on a Nashville mural.
Mural with a dragon crawling across
A mural with its head tipped down.

Other Nashville Mural Locations

  1. Little Kurdistan Mural: Did you know that Nashville has the largest Kurdistan population in the US? It’s true! And you can find a mural that celebrates their culture at 364 Elysian Fields Ct.
  2. Dolly: It IS Music City after all; therefore, the city wouldn’t be complete with out a mural to the legendary Tennessee native Dolly Parton! Located just a few blocks from the Pedestrian Bridge on the city side (not the stadium side), you can find Dolly at 105 1st Ave S. This mural is loaded with color! Head on over to 2611 Music Valley Dr, where you’ll find this Electric Dolly on the back side of Nashville Palace. Make your way to The 5 Spot located at 1006 Forrest Ave, & check out one of the newest Dolly murals. Want a vintage ’77 Dolly? Head over to 5100 Indiana Avenue, at the corner with 51st Avenue North, and strike a pose!
  3. Go Slay All the Dragons: Find this mural at 1224 Lischey Ave.
  4. Ian Ross Mural: If you are a fan of all things green, make your way to this mural. See it at 11th Ave S.
  5. Hieroglitches Mural: Find this in a tiny alleyway next to Three Brothers Coffee on West End. 2813 West End Avenue
A small alley with various symbols in black against white walls.

Don’t forget to consider this before making your way to a mural…

Make sure to scout these locations beforehand; in addition, consider the time of day and lighting conditions that will best suit your photoshoot. Keep in mind that while something might look great at 10:00 a.m., it may be in full sun by 5:00 p.m. If you are traveling from out of town, not only chat with your photographer about the best times to arrive at each location, but also discuss what other buildings may potentially block any light.

Photo sessions with Nashville murals can be so much fun! Grab your favorite boots, a bouquet of flowers, or your best friend, and have a blast! However, don’t forget to post to Instagram, as the artists love to see people enjoying their work!

*At this time, these murals are current, however, murals change and are painted over. Please check with your photographer to make sure the ones you want are still there. This list will be updated as Nashville murals change over time.

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