Choosing your Wedding Date | The Pros + Cons of each season

Getting engaged is a whirlwind of excitement!!! You want to tell EVERYONE you know! Strangers in the grocery store line comment on how beautiful and unique your new piece of jewelry is. Saying the word fiancé stirs up a few giggles as it is still so new. Your ring may even feel heavy on your […]

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August 12, 2020

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Getting engaged is a whirlwind of excitement!!! You want to tell EVERYONE you know! Strangers in the grocery store line comment on how beautiful and unique your new piece of jewelry is. Saying the word fiancé stirs up a few giggles as it is still so new. Your ring may even feel heavy on your hand, and it might take some getting used to.

One of the very first questions new brides-to be get asked, besides “tell me about the proposal!” is “when is the wedding date?”

You’ve got so much swirling around in your mind in regards to your wedding day, that you may have no idea what type of wedding you want, much less the season you want it in!

Most of the weddings I photograph are in the south, specifically in Tennessee and Kentucky, which have similar climates, as does mid to northern Georgia, Alabama & central to western North Carolina. If you live in places like the southwest, coastal states, Pacific Northwest or New England, make sure you check out the seasons specifically related to those areas.

Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of choosing your wedding date in each season!


Getting married in December, January or February can feel magical! In December, you have the beautiful evergreens, burgundy and golds of Christmas, or crisp blues and silvers of Hanukkah. January shines with all the excitement of a new year & February brings in sophisticated colors of crimson and black with touches of blush and cream. However, getting married in the winter can be a toss up if you live in Tennessee. I’ve photographed weddings in December which have been very mild. The temps were cool during the day, and got colder at night, however, we didn’t worry about ice or snow storms. Because it’s winter, the sun sets earlier in the day, and to get those gorgeous sunset images after you say “I do”, you may need to schedule your portrait time closer to 4:00 PM, which means your ceremony might start around 3:00 PM. January and February seem to be a bit trickier. You may have weather in the mid to high 50’s, or you may have cold rain and sleet. Dead grass and bare trees are plentiful. What may start out as a beautiful blanket of snow, can turn into a wet and muddy mess in just a few hours.


Spring weddings are GORGEOUS! With the temperature rising and the flowers blooming, everything comes alive again! Sunset is also later in the day, which gives you the opportunity for a later start time and ceremony. March has a tendency to be a bit unpredictable. In the past, Tennessee has had modest weather, but we’ve also seen a few snow or ice storms later in the month. In April, things really start to get lush! The grass turns a glorious shade of emerald and the fragrance of spring flowers is intoxicating! You know know the old saying “April showers bring May flowers…” this absolutely rings true for Tennessee! Only replace showers with flooding! While springtime in Tennessee can bring about unpredictable thunderstorms and flooding, it’s essential to note that this season falls right in the middle of tornado season. However, May weddings offer mild temperatures and extended daylight hours, making it a more predictable and comfortable choice. They are perfect for outdoor ceremonies, but make sure your venue has a backup plan incase of weather.


Summers in Tennessee are like no other! The days are long, and the lightning bugs are glowing! Ceremony start times can be as late as 6:30 PM, because sunset in the summer can be close to 8:00 PM! The trees are full of bright green leaves and there is nothing like that gorgeous glow of the sunset! This creates some of the most incredible sunset portraits ever! June can be hot, or it can be REALLY HOT! I’ve photographed weddings in late July that were cooler than the 1st week of June! Another thing the south is famous for, besides their sweet tea and BBQ, is the humidity! If you’ve ever visited the south in the summer you may have heard “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!” This is so true! Even if your wedding day is hovering in the high 80’s, the humidity could be around 60%! This makes for a very muggy and sticky day! Please be mindful that if your ceremony takes place outdoors, it may pose challenges for elderly or health-compromised guests. Specifically, in July and August, the weather tends to be scorching and humid, which could be uncomfortable for prolonged outdoor exposure. Think of wedding party attire when choosing your wedding date if it will be outside in the summer. Layers on the guys will feel like an oven, and non-breathable fabrics on the girls will cause their dresses to stick to their bodies. (not to mention the added layer of shapewear if they choose to wear it!) Hairstyles and makeup will also struggle in the humidity; with hair becoming flat and losing shape, to makeup running down your face and having your lash extensions come off!


Fall weddings are some of the most colorful! The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, but not unbearable, and you still get that glowy light at sunset! September weddings can still be hot, with weather in the 90’s! The humidity is still prevalent, but not nearly as much toward the end of the month. October is probably one of, if not THE most popular time to get married in Tennessee. The weather is in the mid 70’s, the humidity is low, and the time change hasn’t happened yet, which means sunset portraits can still happen later in the day around 5:30 PM. The golds, fiery reds and bright oranges of the leaves make stunning backdrops, and once the sun hits those colors, everything is absolutely MAGICAL! November continues to have colored leaves, however, by mid-November, they are starting to turn brown and fall off. The temperatures are still mild, but they are much cooler at night. Sunset gets shorter, which may cause you to bump up your ceremony time a bit earlier. Make sure that if you choose a fall wedding date, you book your vendors like the venue and photographer early enough, as fall dates fill up quickly.

Bride & groom standing in front of fall trees.
Bride & groom standing in front of fall trees.

I understand that this is quite overwhelming! There are numerous factors to consider when choosing your wedding date. Some couples opt for a date that holds sentimental value, like their first date or engagement day. On the other hand, some choose holidays like New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or the Fourth of July. Alternatively, certain couples align their wedding date with significant milestones such as college graduation or other commitments. Regardless of the date you choose, your wedding day will undoubtedly be special, enchanting, memorable, and truly unique because it’s YOUR special day!

To recap!



No humidity

Cheaper travel for out of town guests

Possible off-season discounts for venues

An abundance of decor (Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day)

Black tie weddings 


Shorter daylight

Travel may be problematic due to snow storms

Tricky weather (snow, ice)

Limited florals (you might be able to find the flowers you want, however they could cost three times the price!)



Grass and flowers blooming

Travel is still affordable

Longer days/more sunlight

More floral and wedding attire choices


It’s during allergy & tornado season

Lingering snow & ice storms. Late spring brings heavy rain.

Venue prices are starting to increase



Longer daylight

Lots of options for florals

Gorgeous sunsets

Later ceremony start times

Lots of options for wedding attire

More guests can travel


High heat and humidity

Peak travel- hotels may be booked


Guests who are elderly or who have health conditions may struggle being outside for long 

Venues book up quickly



Incredible colors

Cooler temps and lower humidity

Gorgeous sunset light

Little to no bugs

Affordable travel is still possible


Peak season

Limited venue dates

Possible conflicts with other events

Venue prices could be the highest

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